I'm Tina Maria Cohen-Chang. I am twenty-three years of age and currently living in New York City with Jake Puckerman as of late. I work at a bar, that some may see as shitty (excuse my french) but i call it home. I aspire to become a broadway star. So far, it hasn't happened, but i'm keeping the faith.
I grew up all over the world seeing as my father was a marine. We traveled majority of my life, but when i was fifteen we finally settled in a small town just outside of San Francisco. There i lived with my parents, sister, and brother.
My parents still live there today, but as for my siblings and i, we're scattered across the country. My sister, Corin Elise Cohen-Chang (now: Parker), is in Vermont with her husband (Dax Parker) and two ugly cats.
Then my brother, Dawson Dewayne Cohen-Chang, is residing in Indiana with his fiancee (Piper Campbell) and his beautiful daughter (Nova Ophelia Cohen-Chang)
Any other questions? Please leave them in my ask box.
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Home Sweet Home? || Jaketina


Standing back, Jake watched her take in the apartment. Now, he kind of wished he’d put in even more effort into picking up the place. He laughed when she asked if he was a murder. Turning up the corner of his mouth, and letting out a low chuckles as he shoved his hands into the pocket of his jeans. “Not a murderer. Are you?” He was kidding of course, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. He moved to sit on the couch with her, keeping his distance and settling onto the other end. Sure, the brunette was kind of hot, she dressed different than most of the girls he knew, but it didn’t take away from her attractiveness. Under different circumstances, he would have probably hit on her, but right now he was desperate for a roommate, and hooking up with a girl you live with? Terrible idea. 

His eyes drifted down with the movement of her hands. He watched as she smoothed the fabric of her dress down against her thighs, and he watched as she checked her phone, Looking up quickly when she apologized. He shook his head quickly. Yeah, it wasn’t a guy he could hang out and drink beers with or a girl he’d ever really get to bang, but she didn’t seem terrible. It was doubtful they’d be friends that hung out since from the moment she entered the apartment he decided they most likely wouldn’t have anything in common. He wasn’t exactly the kind of guy who had girl friends that weren’t girlfriends - other than the one’s that were consider off limits due to bro code, but it could work. Maybe. “Nope,” he shrugged, leaning back against the cushion. If he really knew anything about this kind of thing, he’d asked to see her credit score or something at the very least. “As long as you can pay your half of the rent every month, we’re good. There’s a bedroom back there with your name on it.” 

Tina had giddily leaped with accomplishment and, without thinking about it, completely gave up on her smooth and cool demeanor. She threw her arms messily around the man in front of her as she conveyed thank you after thank you. Overwhelmed with a mix of excitement and triumph she didn’t fully take in their close proximity. It wasn’t that Jake wasn’t attractive, he was, she could admit to that. But Tina honestly wasn’t interested, both because he was her soon to be roommate and he just didn’t seem her type - if you could call the few various men she’d brought back to her shoe box apartment lately a type.

Pulling back came with a mix of embarrassment, avoidance of eye contact, and internal facepalms. Tina had hoped to push away the blush she could feel rising on her skin before Jake took notice to it. The last thing she wanted was to get denied because he thought she was some freak who had wanted to “get all up on that”, to quote her boss. Feeling the warmth fade, she decided to just laugh it off and look back up at the man in front of her. “Sorry about that” came as a given. “Mind if i finish the grand tour?” Slicking her slightly rumpled her down, Tina stood once again and gave him her best ‘kissass-y bartender’ grin she’d grown so use to using.

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Home Sweet Home? || Jaketina


Jake wasn’t exactly the kind of guy that put too much effort into things, at least not the ones he didn’t care about. Things like being extra polite to strangers and cleaning up for company most certainly fell into that category, but this was different. He didn’t want to take on a new roommate, he needed one. New York was expensive. His apartment wasn’t anything special two bedrooms, in a part a town you didn’t have to worry too much about getting mugged every time you walked outside. That alone was enough to drive rent up a pretty penny. With Ryder moved out now, he wasn’t even sure he’d make rent this month in time. So this Tina girl, it had to work out. He needed too, and all he hoped was she wasn’t a total freak. 

Straightening up the apartment, he finished just in time to hear the door knock. Sitting up off the couch, Jake moved to open the door - pausing only for a moment to run a hand over his freshly cut hair and plaster a charming smile on his face. “Hey,” he greeted the dark haired girl, glancing down to take in her frame. “You’re… Tina, right? Come in.” 

"Yeah, that’s me. And you must be Jake" After daintily extending her hand, Tina walked past him and into the apartment. It wasn’t anything special but compared to her shoebox of an apartment now, anything was an improvement. She ambled around looking at the slightly mixed matched living room theme. Then at the walls and finally back to the man across from her. Tina drew out a quite awkward ‘so’ and shifted from foot to foot. "Well. First and foremost, you’re not a murderer, right?" Flashing him a soft smile she turned back around going more in depth than just her first scope. Tugging at a curl that rested a little below her shoulders, she made the final assessment that it truly wasn’t that bad. Now, all she had to do was actually convince Jake that she’d be a great roommate.

"Well, is there anything you need to know?" Tina motioned her eyes down to the off colored couch. She sat and nervously smoothed down her dress, because flashing her possible future roommate was just not on today’s to do list. Tapping her fingers on her thigh slightly, Tina looked down at her phone to see what time it was and make sure her co-worker hadn’t texted. Matt was new and he couldn’t hold down the fort by himself forever. "Sorry, anyway. Questions?" Pushing her hair behind her shoulder she smiled again, hopefully somewhat normal.

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Home Sweet Home? || Jaketina

Tina had taken her break earlier than usual. Seeing as the bar was mostly empty. After calling Jake she grabbed her sun glasses, shuffled her song list and continued toward what would hopefully be her new home. She’d contemplated getting in a cab but seeing as it really wasn’t that far she decided it’d just be a waste of money.

Upon her arrival, Tina tried to settle her nervous jitters. “Talk calm and collectively. Breathe. No stuttering. Go.” She whispered to herself before heading towards Jake’s apartment. As she reached his door she took a long, deep breath before knocking. When the door opened Tina smiled brightly, hopefully by the end of the day she could finally end her search for a new home.

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Text: Tina Cohen-Chang ↔ Jake Puckerman
  • Jake: Yeah. I'll be around so whenever. Just call before.
  • Tina: Alright, thanks. See you tomorrow.
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Text: Tina Cohen-Chang ↔ Jake Puckerman
  • Jake: Jake Puckerman, Cool, yeah I'm still looking.
  • Jake: Did you want to come take a look at the place or whatever?
  • Tina: Great, are you busy tomorrow? I'm working, but i might be able to stop by during my lunch break.
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Text: Tina Cohen-Chang ↔ Jake Puckerman
  • Jake: Yeah on both accounts. Who is this?
  • Tina: I'm Tina. Tina Cohen-Chang.
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Text: Tina Cohen-Chang ↔ Jake Puckerman
  • Tina: Hi. Is this Jake?
  • Tina: I saw your ad and i was wondering if you were still looking for a roommate.
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